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It does not mean a typical type of English; by reading one should understand and writing should contain legal quality. Even at the highest levels of appellate advocacy, an oral argument is closer to a conversation that an oration. Supreme Court Justice is to decide whether their opinion should be affirmed or reversed, based on the oral arguments and deliberations of your Court, and on your own reading of the cases and your own theory of constitutional interpretation. I keep mine in a legal pad, though notebooks work just as well. Practice out loud. This acts as the ending of the Memorial. Attorney's paper: Attorneys will turn in a copy of their brief. Ignorantia juris non excusat! Oral arguments are brief, so you must delve into only the most important and convincing arguments available to your side. Arguments advanced This is the heart and soul of the memorial. As much as possible, moot court should resemble the form and procedures of an appellate court. Justice's paper: Each Justice will turn in an opinion which they write on their own. Everyone has their own style, so find yours. Plaintiff Blue v.

Arguments should be well-organized and convincing. As you are preparing your submission, consider the arguments opposing counsel will be likely to submit.

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What does it take to participate in a moot court competition? Conclusion When you have finished your argument, end with a clear statement of what you are asking the Court to do a "prayer for relief".

At the end of your presentation, the judges or bailiff if one is present will show you a "STOP" card.

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Time will be strictly observed with a time-warning given at 4 minutes and 5 minutes. This is the best way to make a good first impression of confidence and preparedness.

Make it clear to the Court in a very conversational way what issues are before the Court.

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Tips on Oral Advocacy