Writing an informal reference letter

Try to include language from the job listing, if your friend shares the listing with you. Jones, Dear Ms. She has taken many responsible roles in both of these organizations; her contributions include acting as Secretary of the Library Board and heading the Historical Society's Annual Fund Drive.

During the time I have known her, Suzanne has been active in our community, serving on the Library Board and the Historical Society. She took such pride in her work there and even developed strategies for making her bookkeeping more organized and efficient.

Things to avoid Make sure that you avoid: Mentioning any weaknesses the candidate has. How to Use Reference Letter Examples It is a good idea to review letter of recommendation samples before writing your letter.

reference letter sample

Writing in an informal manner: keep the letter business-like. This way, you can focus on the requirements of the position. Remain positive.

Jane can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. For example, if you have worked with the person, it would be appropriate for you to write a reference letter to a prospective employer for them. While letter samples are a great starting point for your own letter, you should always be flexible.

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How to Write a Reference Letter for a Friend