Writing a technical resume

Did you teach yourself any advanced software?

writing a technical resume

Relevant Personal Details Do you code in your free time? List only a few of your certifications, and only those most relevant to this particular job. When listing your work experience, leave out the summary of the company and spend that precious white space on your page talking about your own accomplishments and skills gained instead.

BS in English, technical communications, or a related discipline Recently graduated with up to 1.

technical skills for resume

You can also add a short list of your proudest achievements while you held that role, which might include awards you won or challenges your overcame during that time. Includes system manuals, training manuals, process manuals, and bulletins as needed for projects.

Experienced data analyst able to examine raw data and reports, present findings, and design ad hoc queries with SQL using Cognos ReportNet. Want to know how to reap the benefits and not be left behind? When creating your professional experience summaries, try to use real data and numbers.

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Your work history is what shows your potential future employer of your skills as well as your ability to remain in a role for an extended period of time.

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Technical Resume Samples: Tech Job Resume Format