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Irina says that she needs ushers and a method of spreading the word about the play. Objectives Tell Priscilla what you've learned about Dudu.

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If you choose drama, a brawl will break out at the end of the play. Looks like another jobs done and the quest is complete.

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Offer to try fighting the guys and see if you can win and get their services for free. They inform you that Fatso's gang has been troubling them so they are unable to help Geralt publicize the play.

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There is only on major decision to make here: drama, or comedy? Work your way through the conversation options and agree to help deal with Fatso's men. The Puffins gladly thank Geralt for his help and agree to help Geralt's play for free.

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Once the thugs have been dealt with, the Puffins will graciously offer their services free of charge. They agree to help advertise your play and go off to sing of your praises. Despite their appearance, they are far easier to deal with than the dock workers, you will be in for a fight against three thugs, but as soon as you deal sufficient damage or drop one of their health bars to zero, they will flee. With these tasks lined up before you, leave the theatre and off you go, you producer I'm gonna be a producer Objective: Recruit jugglers from the performing troupe called the Puffins On the other side of town, you will find the dwelling place of the Puffins. Sadly, the exit through the secret passage has now been sealed, so you'll need to use the front door on the ground floor. They will distract nearly all of the attacking enemies, allowing you to move around and pick off the mob participants one by one. At the entrance, you will need to buy a ticket from the man at the desk to gain entrance. When the conversation concludes, so does the quest.
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