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Importance of learning environment for students

Psychology in the Schools Indiana University at South Bend, Temperature and indoor climate is also important. Rockwell, eds. It is estimated that by , the world population of 7 billion will demand twice as many resources as the planet can supply The Economist. Poyser reviews literature relevant to the effect of the physical environment in schools on students. A positive school atmosphere encourages student attendance, a factor that helps cure many school woes. While visual aids are necessary to help students organise their environment and how to use it, huge amounts of visual stimulation is distracting and meaningless.

Such an environment provides relevant content, clear learning goals and feedback, opportunities to build social skills, and strategies to help students succeed Weimer, This publication is not a cheat sheet, a "happyology" manual, or a Band-Aid that will fix that distressed kid and send him to a magical haven of learning.

They note that boys usually thrive in a noisier environment, while girls learn better in less noisy surroundings.

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Normal speech can be easily heard throughout the school building. This finding reinforces and validates the decision to replace carpet throughout the building for comfort and noise control. The Charles Young School project illustrates a simultaneous improvement in the quality of the school environment and educational performance that strongly suggests these positive changes are highly related, if not inexorably bound.

Throughout the school, lead paint was contained and removed.

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An ability to communicate between student and teacher is possible only with good sound control. The program provides instruction and assistance in cognitive, social, physical, and emotional development.

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Get Happy: The Importance of School Environments