Why are teens attracted to drinking

Developing social relationships by frequenting the same outlet repeatedly, or taking advantage of a possible romantic interest, allowed these teens to purchase alcohol from small commercial sources. Limitations of this study are that the teens interviewed were drinkers selected from a small number of communities and are not a representative sample.

kids drinking alcohol

Passing the time with a few beers or a few hits with friends or even alone is often a slippery slope to addiction. The fact of drinking alcohol should be considered as an abuse. Arguments with partners, disagreements with friends, worry at work or anxiety can encourage people to reach for a drink.

It's the stuff popular TV shows are made of.

Why are teens attracted to drinking

Unfortunately, far too many kids end up in alcohol or drug rehab treatment down the road due to some ill-fated need to satisfy their curiosity. They may have problems — with themselves, family, school or friends Other than socialising or to unwind, one of the main reasons why some people drink alcohol is to try and cope with problems or stress.

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Handbook of drug use etiology: Theory, methods, and empirical findings. Talk to your teen about what he or she may already know about alcohol and then set them straight.

Understand why children drink alcohol Understanding why your child may drink alcohol can help you influence your child to make sensible choices.

A five-year study of magazine advertising found that The study found that advertisement for alcoholic beverages outnumbered the industry's "responsibility" ads by to 1. This guy at one of the liquor stores was very fond of him and would let us buy stuff without an ID or anything.

These findings also suggest that shoulder-tap interventions, if they are used, should target customers who are just over 21 because they are the group most likely approached by teens.

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10 Reasons Teens Abuse Alcohol or Drugs