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Actually, each of these two steps implies its particular sequences of actions. In these two examples, we notice that the translators substitute the STs by expressions which are culturally specific in the TL.

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In such case, the translators have to create a new situation that can be considered as being equivalent. In this regard, Cohen asserts that "the element of consciousness is what distinguishes strategies from these processes that are not strategic.

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Replacement of the name by another: replacing the name by another SL name. Tell your friends! Picot, The bigger the gap between the SL and the TL, the more difficult the transfer of message from the former to the latter will be. Developing new communication devices, we make people from all over the world closer to each other. Faithful Translation This method takes into account the context, so a translator sorts phrases according to the structure of the target language, and searches for contextual meanings of specific phrases. Modulation as a procedure of translation occurs when there is a change of perspective accompanied with a lexical change in the TL. Cohen, A. Transposition Transposition involves replacing one word class with another without changing the meaning of the message. UK: Longman. Cultural substitution, paraphrase and omission offer various possibilities for translators. Idiomatic translation : it reproduces the 'message' of the original but tends to distort nuances of meaning by preferring colloquialisms and idioms where these do not exist in the original. Toronto: H. The present paper aims at scrutinizing whether there exists any point of similarity between these procedures and strategies and to identify which of these procedures and strategies seem to be more effective than the others.

Exercise : Translate these words below and find the translation procedure which is used! There are two types of modulation, i.

Adaptation In adaptation, the translator works on changing the content and the form of the ST in a way that conforms to the rules of the language and culture in the TL community. In this regard, Culler believes that languages are not nomenclatures and the concepts of one language may differ radically from those of another, since each language articulates or organizes the world differently, and languages do not simply name categories; they articulate their own p.

Stimulated familiarity or internal marking, that is, the addition of intra-allusive allusionxii.

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