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Risk appetite : the level of risk an organization is prepared to accept. The CIO figures out how to take the business forward in ways that extract the maximum value from the information on hand and how to tie in new sources of information to make better decisions, faster. It also means understanding how to create a culture that top talent is attracted to and inspired by. What is a CIO? As a result of their increased strategic responsibilities, CIOs in large organizations typically delegate the oversight of day-to-day IT operations to a technology deputy and rely on a team of specialists to manage specific areas of IT. Those who can successfully navigate this new environment are the ones who will achieve personal and corporate level success. As our environment transforms, human nature is to hunker down because we want to find comfort.

Or are we chasing the competition? Getting at those opportunities will be the task of the one person in the business with information in their title. Print Loading Soft skills are personal attributes that relate to an individual's ability to interact with others.

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According to SearchCIO, a very high-level definition describes CIO as "a job title commonly given to the person in an enterprise responsible for the information technology and computer systems that support enterprise goals. So while you do have to maintain your current and past systems, your new most important role is to drive internal and external innovation.

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Appreciative inquiry : a change management approach that focuses on identifying what is working well, analyzing why it is working well and then doing more of it. In SearchCIO's Role of the CIO survey, respondents suggested IT leaders must possess legal expertise, corporate financial skills, data management skillsvendor and partner managementproject management, and expertise in compliance and security.

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