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Apply these brain-based techniques to get a higher grade on your next test. Afterwards, organize your study habits accordingly. Start at the end and work through to the beginning this time - you may just notice something that needs changed. I must ace this exam. Sleep is vital to exam success. When it comes time to take your major exams, you have to relate to yourself as a top class athlete. Have I covered all the main points? Want to learn more exam strategies? For some individuals, this may mean complete silence, while for others listening to music helps. Pay attention to details that can distract you and remove them from your study space. Deal with your stress Exam stress is perfectly normal — in fact, a little bit of stress can be a positive motivator. During an exam, every second counts. Give an example or more than one.

I must ace this exam. Good note-taking strategies can help you make the most of the time spent reading from textbooks and attending classes.

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Use bright-colored markers, include images to trigger your memory and most of all, have fun. Explain them your reasoning for why you have answered a certain question in a certain way.

How to do well in exams without studying

The more you exercise your memory muscle, the stronger it will be and the more confidence you will have in your ability to recall information when you need it most. Studies have found that when we have a cup of coffee or can of coke, we are actually inducing a state of stress. Apply these brain-based techniques to get a higher grade on your next test. This critical skill enables you to do more in less time and is one of the distinguishing features of super achievers around the world. If you want to ace the exam, you should, instead, concentrate on staying calm, on thinking through each question carefully, and on analyzing what each question is really asking. Getting enough sleep is vital if you want to improve your memory and mental focus. They will try to give you marks wherever they can. Follow us on Instagram. Some people are just not smart. You do not want to arrive late and deal with even more anxiety.

Memory techniques can make it easier for me to do well in exams. If you have time write something even if it is a guess.

In that manner the visual remeberance can aid to your readiness considerably when taking the exam. I doubt it. When it does hurt, have a rest for a few moments yes, you have time to do this!

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10 Quick Tips for Successful Exam Preparation