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The war drew in several European powers, and ended with the Treaty of Paris in He counsels a treaty with King George. Furthermore, for all Martin keeps banging on about Tavington breaking "the rules of war", there weren't any in the s. His uncontrolled brutality contrasts with the gentlemanly rules of conduct rigidly adhered to by senior British commanders, including General Charles Cornwallis, played superbly by Tom Wilkinson. Fans of historical battle re-enactments will enjoy just about every minute of this film. This time around, the fireworks amount to little more than a fizzle. They are led by reluctant warrior Benjamin Martin Gibson , a seasoned veteran of the earlier French and Indian War, who still regrets his participation in the uncontrolled savagery that occurred back then. Martin tends to them all, thus meeting with the intense displeasure of arriving Col. The war, in some regard, is fought over the land. The following sequence is the film's most disturbing. They force all of them into a church for an interrogation about Benjamin, after which they lock the church from the outside and set the building on fire. This is a revenge action thriller to the core, and the personal stakes between Martin and Tavington continue to rise to the point of absurdity.

They betray the movie's lack of serious intentions. Rated R - For violence.

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On the other hand, the film is aesthetically aware in that we are meant to understand the film as epic not just with respect to the events of the film, but also we feel the space of the narrative as epic.

Americans, the film reveals, quickly discovered that fighting face-to-face with the most powerful army in the world in an open field was a dumb idea. Asked about his principles by an old comrade in arms Chris Cooperhe replies, "I'm a parent.

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The war, in some regard, is fought over the land. However he has retired from a life of battle and is attempting to follow the virtues of pacifism, until his family becomes the target of war. The land is very important. This is a revenge action thriller to the core, and the personal stakes between Martin and Tavington continue to rise to the point of absurdity. There's even a token slave in Martin's militia. Two battles near the beginning of the film are conveniently fought in open fields visible from the upper windows of houses, so onlookers have excellent seats for the show and can supply a running narration. Martin is based on a sanitised composite of several historical militiamen, most obviously the "Swamp Fox", Francis Marion. The Revolutionary War has proved an elusive subject for filmmakers. People The happy paterfamilias South Carolina militia leader Benjamin Martin Mel Gibson is a humble single father whose hobbies include freeing slaves, being lovely to his seven angelic children and whittling rocking chairs. It is, however, nothing like anything that happened in the American Revolution. The moment passes. The land is a character in this film. Infact, The Patriot ignores slavery in total.

This brings us barely one-third of the way into this two-and-a-half hour endurance test, with most of the interesting scenes now behind us.

Cornwallis Tom Wilkinsona British leader who promotes a "gentlemanly'' conduct of the war and rebukes Tavington for his brutality.

Their climactic showdown takes place amid one of the pivotal battles of the war, with Cornwallis finally forced into retreat, yet this world-changing event serves as mere window-dressing — an excuse for some flag-waving rah-rah to jack up the stakes and make the movie seem like it was about something.

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The cinematography, production design, sound design, and editing come together to make this film quite beautiful.

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