The importance of hard work at academic institutions

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Well-established faculty members also rose to positions of leadership nationally and internationally. Department of Education.

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I believe not. Year after year, these accomplished high school applicants have become high-achieving Pitt undergraduates—one telling indication that we are discharging our most basic responsibility as an educational institution.

Hard Evidence is a series of articles in which academics use research evidence to tackle the trickiest questions.

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But I will spend even more time highlighting inspiring human examples. Giving up after a few failed attempts makes you a loser. Measured purely in terms of current impact, this already is an exceptional record. That group included 21 student-athletes who had earned a perfect 4. This past term, the Pitt Alumni Association honored student-athletes who had earned grade point averages GPAs of 3. This is widely considered to be the highest honor bestowed by the federal government on scientists who still are in the early years of their careers. Though the size of his gift continues to defy comprehension, for those of us who know John and have seen both his extraordinary generosity and his deep sense of commitment to Pitt, the fact that he would make such a surprising gift, if anyone was going to do it, is not so surprising. The work that enables Pitt to continue moving forward involves contributions of countless types. A difficult neighbourhood where the poverty of ambition is palpable, stable families a rarity, and role models very scarce. Food and Drug Administration.

Smart work, on the other hand, often leads to shortcuts and procrastination. An intelligent working technique, along with relentless effort will go a long way in helping you achieve the success that you always desired. Our longest-standing competitive disadvantage has been the comparatively low level of support provided by Pennsylvania to its public research universities that has lagged well behind our peers.

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Hard Work, High Achievement, and Immeasurable Impact