The advantages and important role of the helicopter in the vietnam war

Lieutenant Little had been killed while he was trying to medevac the pointman of his recon platoon, but the rest of the platoon had then been unable to retrieve the body and had called in Charlie Company to help.

The Vietnam War will be infamous for the way those who perpetrated it lied to those who fought and paid for it. Even land-based artillery, which has a much steeper angle, has to hit directly on the roof to have any effect.

When you are taking fire is precisely when you need medevac. Armored personnel carriers such as the M transported troops and performed reconnaissance and support functions.

As one crewman recalled in Moore and Joseph C. I now had some choices to contemplate. This might translate into only one or two dozen per division.

vietnam war helicopters

A different feeling prevailed among many within the U. American drawdown continued, with only 43, personnel left in-country by mid-August.

what challenges did american soldiers face in their first battle with the north vietnamese

Here was the morale effect of the overriding strategy of the war in a nutshell. The peasants resented being forced from their ancestral lands, and consolidating them gave the VC better targets.

I took it. Why on earth should it matter whether a fallen American lieutenant was buried with honor in Vietnam by his enemies or in the cemetery at West Point by his family and friends? Quite apart from the traumas of Tet, Hamburger Hill and the Mayaguez incident, the need for economy in lives lost in limited wars was underlined in the public consciousness by some sharply unpalatable losses in both Beirut and Grenada inand even in the otherwise triumphant Gulf War of

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