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Share your thoughts on student sample work with our TeachHUB. Remember, however, that the paper is not just a list of points.

This does not meet the specifications of the assignment. I enjoy reading, and the knowledge and perspective that my reading gives me has strengthened my teaching skills and presentation abilities.

From superior papers: Dear Student, You have a clever argument. Narrow in on something specific and do your best to develop your evaluation or critique i.

A broadside is good in the brainstorming stage; but then pick out the one or two points that you think are most relevant or promising, and then develop them as best you can.

I am dedicated, outgoing, and a team player. Avoid rambling or tangents, and clearly mark transitions. My comments below, however, are indicative of the tone and approach I take toward papers I consider to be significantly inadequate.

describe yourself essay sample

Citing is not just good academic etiquette or helpful to the reader, but it keeps you honest, holds you accountable to the text. Let this be a positive experience that encourages students to congratulate one another.

sample essay about myself and my family
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