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Then, mother Sophocles, in his play Antigone tries to portray just that in his characters Ismene and Antigone. On the flipside, characters have the ability to obtain the ambition trait; whereas self-pride is a trait unique to certain individuals. Creon is the tragic hero because of his error in judgement, stubborn way of ruling Thebes, his change, and all the tragedy brought on by his actions.

In what ways do some of its characters either exemplify or upset those roles? Antigone was right to defy King Creon because she had the right to bury her brother and her brother deserved a respectful burial so they could honor The author, Sophocles, was known to work his plots into lines in which tragic irony would occur over and over.

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Eteocles, who defended Thebes, is buried as a hero with honors.

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