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The exact distribution of the financial support to the three Objectives can be seen at Table 1, S.

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The ESF is the most important financial instrument in the range of European employment and social policy,19 and contributes to the integration of unemployed and disadvantaged segments of the population into working life mainly by funding training measures.

All cohesion countries mainly consist of Objective 1 regions. You simply place an order with the writing instructions you have been given, and before you know it, your essay or term paper, completely finished and unique, will be completed and sent back to you.

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The Cohesion fund was created inwith the basic goal to help out the lagging Member states in order to develop and reconstruct their infrastructure while consolidating their budget to make sure that these countries still meet the criteria for Maastricht and the European Monetary Union Tondl, p.

Moreover, the disparities within the Member States and region are significant31 Table 2.

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The most important criterion for this objective, is the rate of unemployment especially youth unemployment particular one-sided employment in industry or agriculture. Moreover, the former cohesion countries, Greece, Spain, Ireland, and Portugal made up further leeway regarding to an convergence of their economic performance and the EU average. Summarizing the results, it can be stated that there was a reduction in regional dis- parities in terms of economic performance and employment to some extent; therefore, the cohesion policy is also effective to some extent. Thus, it is the second largest budget item. Spain, Greece, Portugal and Ireland were supported out of the Cohesion fund. Cohesion policy for the period 6. Further steps in the development of the co- hesion policy that are worth mentioning are the implementation of the Instrument for Pre- Accession Assistance IPA for potential accession candidates and the European Neigh- bourhood and Partnership Instrument ENPI for neighboring partner countries in , whereby the latter was extended to the countries of the Eastern Partnership. Of the total allocated resources,

This is achieved by supporting the develop- ment and structural adjustment of regional economies, including the conversion of declin- ing industrial regions. But during the s disparities actually grew, particularly with the entry of the less developed countries of Spain, Portugal and Greece into the European Community.

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Since the reform inall three funds, with their particular underlying objective shave been closely linked to the goals of Lisbon and Gothenburg with an emphasis on innovation, growth, jobs, and sustainable development

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