Some argue that the international baccalaureate

On top of all that the IB Program is respected world-wide as a - if not the - leader in international education.

Greetings from PERU! Simultaneously for decades universities had literally put up fences and walls to keep out the riffraff, read: regular, normal people. Concept-based education focuses on big ideas, on helping students to understand why something is important, and how to connect ideas across disciplines.

Typing "Ivory Tower" into eric.

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Are there hidden agendas woven through its design and at least one textbook which undermine the attainment of those noble goals? I don't want to create 'world citizens' nearly as much as I want to help cultivate American citizens who function well in the world. However, such progressive steps are not without their challenges.

You saved my life. My students in Barcelona love it too and it makes my job easier. Critics of the TOK program argue that hundreds of thousands of the best and the brightest and wealthiest young minds around the world have been and are currently being shaped into a nearly exclusively Euro-centric perspective of the universe, while the worlds of the people of color have been decimated by wars, poverty, and destruction of their cultural heritages during the past years of colonial rule by western European colonial powers.

Through an IB spokesperson, Beard admitted that "he could have been more explicit about the sources and authors that inspired him for the content of this speech". Hats off!

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The International Baccalaureate Is Not Right for Every Student