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Unfortunately for single parents, efforts to bridge the gap have deteriorated since the s. After a tough time in the Senate, several of his measures finally passed, under Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in and The relatively low net replacement rate in the first year of the unemployment spell raises issues about its effectiveness in providing sufficient support for those experiencing a job loss, or enabling someone to look for a suitable job.

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Families on tight budgets struggle to find any costs to reduce to fit into this lower income. Read more: Will a Newstart boost actually deter jobseekers?

In the first Abbott budget attempted to further wind back Family Tax Benefits. It introduced ParentsNext, a pre-employment program for about 75, people on the parenting payment.

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General living standards have soared during those two and a half decades, as has the pension which is linked to them by being set as proportion of male wages, and which was increased substantially in And then, bang, you became officially unemployed.

Our calculations are conservative.

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What benefits am I entitled to as a single mum?