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However, there is only so much a parent can do to protect their children. Last month in England, a man who was a serial rapist posed as a young boy on Facebook; he used his profile to lure a year-old girl to her death Camber.

The teenager might think that their new "friend" is harmless. The others got similar sentences. For extra help — read this article, Internet Safety Tips for Parents.

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Love it! Though this may be partly true, the real statistics are interesting. Click here for my full disclosure statement. So though it is possible that there could be a female on the other side of that computer, it is not likely. Follow her on Twitter Tbaldas. Among minors between the ages of 8 to 18, 1 in 8 discover that the person they were chatting with online was an adult pretending to be much younger Morgan, An intelligent sexual predator would then chat online with their new victim and say, "Do you want to meet right now outside of school?

One in seven boys admitted they did as well," "Internet Predators". After starting a seemingly innocuous online friendship, children sometimes go on to meet their virtual "friend" in hotels, cafes or parks, which can lead them to being trafficked and sold online, according to campaigners.

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Good parents do hard things. Anyone who even attempts to lure a youth in this way can and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law because it can be assumed that they intended to violate that individual.

Whether it is shopping, calculating numbers, typing papers or communicating, the Internet is being used increasingly. They are becoming more involved with monitoring their kids; or they are backing off and leaving them alone due to unfamiliarity with the websites, thinking their children know what they are doing. The men even convinced some girls to cut themselves while they watched. Presented as evidence against Smith were a collection of email messages he exchanged with an undercover investigator who posed as another pedophile. Teach Internet Safety. This being said, the number of online predators has increased significantly. About one-fourth of all children have been "exposed to unwanted pornographic material online," SentryPC. Initial manipulation often involves introducing the minors to sexual activity, showing them pornography, and requesting sexually explicit information and pictures. Parents can become more informed on what their children are doing by studying the websites the kids visit. However, bullying becomes cyberbullying when the perpetrator uses technology to execute the attack Bryce and Fraser, Would you invite strangers into your home and let them play with your child alone? While the Internet is a great resource for students, parents need to be aware that their children are at risk of falling prey to online predators and should take precautions.
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