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As the Responsible Pharmacist Manager at Alliance Boots, I was in charge of leading and managing a team to provide the best healthcare services to our customers. Creates a happy environment for everybody.

aims and values in primary education

It's an unknown quantity. The divergence between the attempt to make access more democratic and the priority given to selecting particular students on the basis of merit generates a clear tension.

primary school vision

To begin with she turned down the offer, but later accepted, when she saw that it was a homage and that she was admired both within and without the school. As a teaching assistant within the school we promote these aims, values and ethos by asking the children to take notice of the boards around the school highlighting the need for sharing, caring and reporting of bullying or inappropriate behaviour.

After hearing the explanation, one teacher said: "this class group won't be together next year. All staff within the school are smartly dressed, polite and caring towards the children as per the schools aims and values.

The two boys seated in front of us copied the replies from the notebook of another student, who was sitting in the middle row.

Schools vision

She was responsible for the administrative decisions that involved the School's relations with the State Education Department and the partnered Federal Technical School and for all other internal decisions. I push the level upwards not downwards and naturally the students who want to learn will sit at the front of the classroom. The selection process described above can be seen as a compensatory policy since it sets out from the principle that the students are socially unequal and thus, in order to be fairer, the admissions policy at the school was designed to counterbalance these inequalities by restricting the choice of students to those coming from the public school system. In Year 1 of secondary education they were distributed in each of the class groups along with the new students entering the School. The scenario encountered at Amazonas State School is different and can be described as a charismatic management culture. In , students were enrolled in Year 1. All were judged to have a 'poor' or 'average' performance. Senco, Teachers and Support staff roles. Though different, the two kinds of selection processes described here are widely naturalized by both principals and their teams. Some learners find this helpful. Final considerations In this article we have described two public secondary education schools in the city of Rio de Janeiro, focusing on the institutions' selection process and management cultures. Here the students make demands on the teachers, they want classes, they want to learn, but the initial shock isn't easy.

Perceiving the students' unrest, the teacher said: "I can tell already, even though I arrived today, that class 3 is calm and class 4, yours, is agitated. We're not a municipal school here.

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