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Governor Stevens' reply was brief. Day and night cannot dwell together. Perry himself explained what happened: I first heard a version of the text read by William Arrowsmith at the first Environmental Day celebration in However the date, the location, and the actual words of Chief Seattle's speech are disputed. In case of any foul play, the spirits of the dead native people will continue to haunt and trouble their White overlords even after physical death. He was always flattered by marked attention from white men, and never so much as when seated at their tables, and on such occasions he manifested more than anywhere else the genuine instincts of a gentleman. Every hill-side, every valley, every plain and grove has been hallowed by some fond memory or some sad experience of my tribe. One source cites his mother's name as Wood-sho-lit-sa. Your God seems to us to be partial. Hence, the Chief emphasises that his men are part of nature therefore they are dying with it. When rising to speak in council or to tender advice, all eyes were turned upon him, and deep-toned, sonorous, and eloquent sentences rolled from his lips like the ceaseless thunders of cataracts flowing from exhaustless fountains, and his magnificent bearing was as noble as that of the most cultivated military chieftain in command of the forces of a continent.

The speech was delivered by Chief Seattle who was tribal chief of Red Indian tribes. Smith recorded in The oldest available record of this document is Henry A.

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Today it is fair, tomorrow it may be overcast with clouds. White Face, or Red faces and White faces.

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Having visited the St. Maynard, and at once commenced, in a conversational, plain, and straightforward style, an explanation of his mission among them, which is too well understood to require recapitulation.

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After flying back to Seattle, she caught the first flight she could from Sea-Tac airport, and I drove to the Oakland airport to meet her.

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