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From this perspective, people are actually not allowed to know what is not published since framing asserts that news is presented by means of selection, emphasis and exclusion of information Eadie Because conservation in the past decades has become a global issue, one has realised the importance of the indigenous and local populations and the roles they play in the maintenance and preservation of the endless depletion of our biodiversity.

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One main indicator will be the reaction of the villagers towards the end of the Korup Project. Beyond these claims, it has even been argued that Islamophobia is not a valid concept since it does not exist Hasan ; Sayyid This however, has not really led to outstanding results to set an example to other park managements.

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The hypotheses are limited to Community-Based Conservation from which two synonyms will be analysed. The new forest law defined the regulatory basis for management of the forest estate. In this way, CDA offers an understanding of how news is brought into the minds of the readers.

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In doing this, the research will come up with recommendations for the policy makers and also proposals to the local communities on how to better plan, coordinate and implement CBC policies.

Chapter 6 will be structured along the same lines and will offer the results for the UK.

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However, as opposed to chapter 5 this chapter will also offer a cross-national comparison. Additionally, only effects that are actually caused by the project are to be included in the analysis Bergen et al. Table 9 What do you think about conservation of the forest? Table 22 How effective were the methods used? Through this lens, this study defines a Muslim according to criteria derived from a study undertaken by Dalia Mogahed. However, this also means that the outcome of these two theories is not set in stone as journalists can change the use of language to describe Muslims amongst other concepts over time. In this way, the framing theory will prove adequate to identify if a stereotyped image of Muslims is identified.
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