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Emphasizes practical applications. Students have access to tutors, computer-assisted instruction, and structured workshops. An introduction to elementary number theory includes various applications. Part I of II.

It emphasizes the axiomatic method to analyze the major algebraic systems. This course counts towards the fulfillment of the Essential Competencies element of the CLAS general education curriculum.

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Covers topics including right triangles, oblique triangles, identity applications. The Cartesian plane and the idea of a function and its graph are introduced with applications.

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This course is intended for CTE programs. It emphasizes the axiomatic method to analyze the major algebraic systems. Lecture hours per week. Emphasis is placed on the comprehension of problem-solving techniques for the real world. Emphasis should be on learning all the different factoring methods, and solving application problems using polynomial, rational and radical equations. Topics vary, depending on instructor. In this course, students will study area and volume, transformational geometry, statistics and probability. If possible, the student will publish the results or present them at a scientific meeting.

Students are required to attend regular class sessions. The concepts of topological spaces and metric spaces will be introduced.

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