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Personality matters far more than beauty.

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Interestingly, most teens told us they were proud of pieces that were required for school, graded and primarily intended for their teachers or classes. I like persuasive writing.

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The most common types of school writing and indeed the most common types of writing teens do for any reason are taking notes in class, writing essays and writing short pieces of a page or less in length. Teens tend to engage in a greater range of writing activities for school than for personal reasons—our respondents engaged in six types of school writing out of a possible ten on average in the past year, versus an average of two types of non-school writing out of a possible eight. A number of the teens we spoke with fully understood that learning to write formally for school and work is a growth process. Teens report communicating with adults and peers using all types of media——but there is no clear pattern in how they communicate or which methods they prefer under which circumstances. Video games should be forbidden. Part-time jobs should be legal from the age of Teenagers should be banned from beauty surgery.

Troubled teens must do community service. You must be familiar with their own vocabulary and writing style. Children do care what their parents think of them. How do you tell if someone is telling the truth?

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Outside of a relatively small group of intense writers, non-school writing is something teens do infrequently. Then learners stop chatting and read through their dialogue together. Teens in our focus groups said strongly that being able to self-select topics and assignments made their mandatory writing more enjoyable and compelling. Compared with school writing, teens write less frequently outside of school. Piercing your tongue is disgusting. Teens get greater enjoyment from the writing they do outside of school than the writing they do in school, and enjoyment of personal writing does not always translate into enjoyment of school writing. Text message that got me together with my boyfriend. As with school-based writing, black teens are significantly more likely than whites to write outside of school just about every day. Not surprisingly, teens who enjoy the writing they do for school report they receive higher grades in the classes where they do the most writing. Teenagers should be banned from beauty surgery. Most teens say that they very much enjoy the writing that they do to communicate with their peers via MySpace, Facebook, and text and instant messaging. Teens say that writing is not compelling when the curriculum seems canned, teacher attention is limited, and work is reviewed and graded by computer. Date someone with the same beliefs.

Enjoyment of school writing is lowest among older boys. One high school-aged girl in a Southwestern city who reported writing a great deal had this to say about the frequency with which she is assigned writing projects in school: We do a lot of essays at my school particularly in English and history classes and we are writing an essay for a major grade probably once a week in one of the classes.

Fame is bad for young people.

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Perhaps the image represents two of the characters in the story.

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What Teens Tell Us Encourages Them to Write