How to write a technical specification

They file a ticket to engineering and expect this to be live in 2 days. A tech spec forces you to think through complicated issues and to get everyone on the same page.

technical specification document sample doc

Move fast — break things — rapidly iterate — be a doer. Gather feedback early Before you invest any time in writing and get attached to any specific solution, ask an experienced engineer who is familiar with the edge cases of the problem to be your reviewer.

Functional requirements template excel

Use simple words, short sentences, bullet lists, and helpful examples wherever you can. First, an Example Suppose we work at: A modest web startup. Creating a table of contents should form the last task. Each subsystem, new technology choice, standard, etc. Goals and Product Requirements These sections are optional if a product spec has already clearly defined the project goals and requirements; but if not, defining these will be the most important area of your spec. What happens if key people leave and we need to transfer knowledge? Provide documentation for future teams.

Does the requirement contain simple, short, unambiguous statements? Current solution A description of the current implementation, e.

You think of what you have learned in building this structure, and how to do better next time.

technical specification vs functional specification

Feel free to call out specific people who may have valuable input.

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How to Write a Technical Specification