Homeless military veterans essay

In focusing on homeless African American women veterans, we are able to examine the policies and programs that cater three of the four interest groups simultaneously Quality of Life: General quality of life and quality of social life were assessed.

The joint committees presented detailed report on the progress that is being made to address the issue, where majority say an effort has been made, yet it is far way from achieving the goal, and they also presented monetary figures allocated towards the course of providing needs to the veterans. USA Today, p. The chronically homeless are left to endure the hardships of homelessness without hope of an effective solution. This suggests that homeless female veterans can benefit as much from transitional housing services as male veterans. Where were these veterans to go? In fact, it has been regarded as highly controversial since the periods that the Napoleonic War took place Literature review: UK veterans and homelessness. This statistical information served to prove the evidence of how veterans are the majority among the homeless people. Use the order calculator below and get ordering with accurateessays. It also suggests that many of them have lived on the street, since many were in dire need of housing.

A percentage of those people are military veterans who fought for our country. And for that reason, they deserve our respect, our support and our care.

Homeless military veterans essay

The social welfare issue homelessness and my population will be Veterans of the Vietnam War. Dudley, About veterans experience homelessness at a certain time in the year. Wenzel et al. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial helped to heal the nation. The major theme and point of discussion has been re-housing veterans, and providing medical services among other to them and their families. Analysis The challenges that faces the VA or anyone else will tend to have when it comes to helping home veterans is that the homeless person in question has to want the help and assistance and must be willing to adhere to the strings that are often attached. Currently, the media has been awash with reports of veterans that find themselves in dire situations of having not a roof above them. This statistical information served to prove the evidence of how veterans are the majority among the homeless people. Sexual Orientation and Military Service: Prospects for organizational change and individual change in the United States. There have been also guidelines formulated guiding the responsible… They stand behind three main prongs and goals of the agency. Homelessness amongst veterans is a considerable social problem because the current United States society has witnessed their surging numbers in the recent past. In fact, by , the population of the homeless veterans was believed to account for about eleven percent of the entire homeless populations in America.

The first element i. As one might expect, the Veterans Affairs VA Administration has a program that is specifically meant to address the issue of many veterans being homeless. In addition, it is suggested that all veterans exiting their service should be assessed to determine their housing status, and the VA should be in a position to help them acquire houses to prevent them from ending up homeless.

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The VA would be allowed to lease such property to veterans for free, but however, this would mean that the VA will incur costs if they lease the property for free, which might affect its finances if it is done in large proportion, although this would be an added benefit to the veterans,. Descriptive, development, and philosophies of mental health service delivery for female veterans in the VA: A qualitative study. Despite these measures making it possible to solve the problem to these who do not need additional services, it has not solved the problem for those with disabilities, and in need of services. These organizations, such as those involved in developments, would be in a position to develop the houses at a lower cost, which in turn, would be extended to the veterans. Whether it is in the barracks or in the fields, military personnel form close alliances and bonds, which are necessary because they must depend on one another for survival. We Americans do not live in a closed world anymore and when trouble comes to our shores, it is our veterans we depend upon to defend us. They say that veterans at risk can contact the VA or go to a VA location.

At baseline interview, participants were asked to complete a measure of the social climate of their residential care service.

In spite of having many advantages, veterans over-represent in the homeless population New England Journal of Medicine; 1 : Department of Homeless Veterans, Providing permanent houses would be effective rather than offering rented houses, since they would not have to worry any more about housing.

They each are hubs for veterans to find resources available, and none are independent of other actors in the community, so they are able to link veterans to other resources when available.

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Also, the article presents a structural and historical overview of the United States military, the propensity to enlist in armed forces, military culture and training methods and outcomes.

At six months, female participants showed some decrease in employment and an increase in their psychiatric scores whereas the male participants continued to show improvements.

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Homeless Veterans and the Challenges Essay