Gun control and the conflict theory

In this context, the calls for stricter gun control laws are therefore not seen as an individual problem but as a social issue that threatens the safety and well-being of the community and which requires action from the leadership and governance of the society.

why is gun control a social problem

Upon completion of their task, the subjects were given a series of electrical shocks as their Social Psychology in the Gun Control Debate 5 evaluation, an act meant to potentially anger the students.

But it is not only understanding "the issues" related to violence that makes the social studies pivotal in the violence prevention movement. But issues related to violence underscore form with function.

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Current Controversies Series. They will continue to use guns as long as there is little control over their sale and possession. As one sociological commentator notes; … in the U. With the capitalist crisis deepening, the ruling class can no longer rely on ideology or a few concessions to keep class peace.

Lifton, R.

sociological perspective on gun violence
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Gun Control: The Debate and Public Policy