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In the future I should pay much attention to the voice speed, posture, gesture, and interaction with the listeners. Conclusion Ending my reflective report, it is clear that working with other colleagues, makes me improve my working skills as a result of knowing the difficulties I will probably face in a real working environment.

At this stage emotion was shown and excitement expressed towards the work we had to do. Criticism in an effective group is constructive and frequent.

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The Group A group can be defined in various ways, for instance; Charles Handyp. That means that one mind is better than one and the teamwork provides more ideas that an individual person.

Defining leadership in hard terms can be a challenging thing.

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It brings about the aspect of individual reflection on a group project. Brandler, S. Reflection Paper Siyuan Wu How did it developed during history?

Upon reflection, we as a group did deliver our presentation; however, it was not as good as what we originally thought when compiling our ideas.

For instance, the marketing section one observation that the group made is that the door to the shop was always open. Formulating an overview is discussed in this article. It also discusses the difficulties that emerged throughout the group work; things that went well regards to the preparation and the areas that could have been improved upon.

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