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The incentives plus those sales have sped up development. Like many other legacy brands, KFC did not fare so well through the Great Recession as emerging fast casuals presented a more indulgent yet economical option for cash-strapped consumers.

The company is focusing more intently on that channel for development. But as consumers find themselves nostalgic for days bygone, many brands are following suit, leaning back toward classic and authentic.

But for all of its staging, the process has been a serious one with high stakes. Many of the Malaysian KFC also operate round the clockoffering drive-through and delivery service.

But for all the heritage, creativity, and adaptation to consumer trends, KFC holds one distinct advantage over the competitors: its buckets. The restaurant that opened just this week broke sales records for a new location. The company also has high hopes for more urban markets.

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Indeed, the new menu strategy is all about paying homage to Southern flavors and approaching them as Sanders would have himself.

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Progress & Future Plans