Frontier in stagecoach

This coach took an unprecedented three days to reach London with an average speed of eight miles per hour.

Other owners would take more enthusiastic suitably-dressed passengers and indulge in competitive driving. What internal struggles do they bury or alleviate and which do they accentuate in favor of establishing a more cohesive and hegemonic national identity? They only appeared in summer.

Story takes an incident from the pages of the early west to weave a tightly knit drama packed with suspense and entertainment. Heads ached, nostrils were choked with sand, limbs were stiffened and bent with cramps.

Comment on the masculinity of each of the male characters in the film, and compare them to each other. Competitive display and sport[ edit ] Carriage driving, Who is in the landscape and who is simply on it?

Who crosses them and why?

stagecoach dimensions

Music score also does much to add to the value. Of the characters above, where does each belong?

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Stagecoach Ride