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The purpose of the Christian walk was lost in the shuffle.

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But the tables can be turned as well. He left Timothy in charge of the church, giving him instructions to deal with the heretics who had become leaders in the church cf. Appropriate honor is a key element in how Christians should relate to one another in the church — Church leaders should be people whose lives are shaped by the gospel —13; — So Paul commands the church to refocus on prayer—and prayer for all people, especially those in authority The epistle concludes with more personal instructions to Timothy That they are not temporal treasures is certainly evident, for many of the vendors do not pour out such treasures so easily, but only gather them.

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It also leads to arrogance and greed — Internal Evidence The internal evidence is where the real issue of authenticity lay. The charge concludes with a note about Paul excommunicating two church leaders, Hymenaeus and Alexander Everything God created is good.

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That is, there are major problems with the pseudepigraphical views.

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1 Timothy: Introduction, Argument, Outline