Factors affecting hand washing compliance

A study on prevalence of bacteria in the hands of children and their perception on hand washing in two schools of Bangalore and Kolkata. Am J Infect Control. A multicenter study using positive deviance for improving hand hygiene compliance. In multivariate analysis, non-adherence was the lowest among nurses compared with other HCWs and during weekends.

In addition, compliance with hand cleansing may vary among doctors from different specialities. Indian J Public Health. Table 1. On the other hand, the average number of opportunities for hand hygiene per HCW varies markedly between hospital wards; nurses in paediatric wards, for example, had an average of eight opportunities for hand hygiene per hour of patient care, compared with an average of 30 for nurses in ICUs.

One systematic review study indicated that universal HWC rates were low and that they vary quantitatively depending on situational factors The system we tested in our study is currently being refined for further testing and deployment in clinical units at our institutions.

7 barriers to hand hygiene

The clinical scenario used a medically knowledgeable patient actor in an exact replica of a hospital room.

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Factors Affecting Hand Hygiene Adherence at a Private Hospital in Turkey