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In order to understand the importance of photojournalism, it is necessary to look at what photojournalism is and the history of it, the responsibilities of photojournalists, the negatives of photojournalism, the impact photojournalism has on society, and the changes of photojournalism because of modern technology.

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So there is no confusion about the terms, I will now define them. Consequently, a large number of tie-ups with foreign companies were witnessed. A journalist definitely, would require a high degree of professionalism in presenting any performances to the audience on behalf of any organization, and could be achieved so.

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Before talking about the pros and cons of market-driven journalism in Hong Kong, let Finds important clues A countless movies would vouch, investigative journalism forms an important source of information for everyone around the world.

Media definitely has a responsibility on its shoulders, which is to guide the people.

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The U. The examples are taken from different mass media all over the world and are cited. This is due to technology and great access to information.

He was then given a banana to eat, and left to vomit while the Channel Nine crew filmed him from their helicopter.

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Here comes the part of this profession that attracts me the most: the power and the great responsibility. The term "yellow journalism" was originally coined to describe the journalistic practices of Joseph Pulitzer. Every bit of our activity is not only reflected but also regulated and governed through press media. Bayero University Kano, Nigeria. The intention behind such approaches and activities, is to make the society people to well-informed as well as well-aware of round about happenings. Journalism, especially in newspapers, is also regarded by many as the "first rough draft of history" because journalists produce news articles to tight deadlines. I can enumerate both the good and the bad endlessly. Journalist like works in a great pyramid called mass media. The child was put at great risk, and the police operation was jeopardized, but the TV channel management thought it was a great idea for a story. It is not surprising that politicians, authorities and others always used the power of the press and media in general to put their will on public. Ushers in change Journalists are key players in bringing about social and political change.
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Essay on Journalistic Responsibility and the Media