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Several other groups, including American evangelicals and Orthodox ethicists, consider "blastocysts to have the same status as fully developed human beings" and therefore oppose embryonic stem cell research for this reason.

There are two main types: pluripotent stem cells and adult stem cells. Another argument has been expressed which does not rely on attributing person-like moral status to embryos, but something more like the status outlined in Dworkin's views noted above.

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Stem cells are crucial to develop organisms. These questions and more will be discussed and pondered throughout this paper. Stem cell is a cell that has the ability to change into several or multiple types of cells or into any cell type in the body. Both embryonic and adult stem cells show promise in curing diseases, but it is unclear which type of stem cell is more effective. It therefore does not have any interests to be protected and we can use it for the benefit of patients. See, for example, Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, 'Instruction on respect for human life in its origin and on the dignity of procreation Donum vitae ', Acta Apostolica Sedis, 80, The funding of embryonic stem cell research is necessary not only for its potential, but also for the further understanding of human beings Public confidence would also be increased by enhanced understanding of the research.

Since these embryos share only genetic similarities and no human characteristics, it is permissible to this stance to kill them in the name of medicine There are degrees of intrinsic value of a life depending on the stage at which the life is being lived, and correspondingly, there are degrees of respect that ought to be shown it at those stages.

Where the controversy is, though, is on embryonic stem cells. As the philosopher John A.

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The patients received neural cells derived from retinoic acid vitamin A treatment of teratocarcinoma stem cells. Some type of these cells can be engineered into any type of cell in the human body.

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The project follows a series of reports issued by the Academies on this and related topics. Snapchat, Instagram etc. This topic is very controversial and I surmise that it is strongly due to the lack of knowledge when it comes to stem cells and their importance. Potential is very context-dependent, and it may not make sense to talk simply about the potential of something. Edward Holland of the Northern Kentucky Eye Laser Center in the greater Cincinnati metropolitan area, is using adult stem cell transplants as part of a treatment to dramatically improve the eyesight of his patients. That would not be the case for human reproductive cloning. One example is bone marrow transplantation to treat leukemia and other blood disorders. They would hold that the observation made above about people who are temporarily unconscious does not necessarily make the required case. Experiments carried out within the last two years have demonstrated, for example, that bone marrow cells can give rise to nerve cells in mouse brain Mezey et al. For the cells to develop into a human being requires an interactive process in the uterus between the embryo and the mother" Clemmitt Thus they are normally multipotent. They are found in bone marrow, embryos, fetuses, and blood from the umbilical cord. Stem cells on the other hand have the remarkable potential to develop into many different types of cell in the body. These cells can serve many medical purposes and have the ability to benefit people in infinite ways.

Some might also observe that this argument, at least in its simple form, could be too strong, since it argues against the destructive use of e. Such a procedure was recently described by a group of Korean scientists Hwang et al. The controversial use of embryonic stem cells is supported on the basis of the many advantages that they have over adult stem cells.

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Stem cells extracted from early embryos can become all cell types of the body because they are pluripotent. There is no problem using them for medical purposes and it is not immoral to use them for this reason. Through this recent time there have been many people and religious organizations who have come out as advocates for the research while there has also been many that have come out against the use of these methods. On major subject where controversy is prevalent is with stem cell research, both adult and embryonic. However, there is near universal agreement that the use of NT to produce a child should not now be permitted. Stem cells can be used to study development by helping us to understand how a complex organism develops from a fertilized egg. There are two main types of stem cells: adult and embryonic stem cells. These cells can be harvested in a myriad of ways, but the most well known for their controversial reputation are those that come from reproductive techniques and unwanted products of reproduction. Families can do nothing but sit and wait for the news that a donor is available for their loved one. Evidence is strongest in animal experiments, but is increasing in humans, that adult stem cells originating in one germ layer can form a variety of other derivatives of the same germ layer e. President William J. Proponents believe that such trials would be feasible even in the short term McKay, It therefore does not have any interests to be protected and we can use it for the benefit of patients. Each of these will be outlined in turn, with particular attention to i what the intrinsic moral characteristics are the each particular view attributes to embryos, and ii what these alleged characteristics or moral status are held to imply for our moral treatment of embryosparticularly whether they can ever or never be destroyed.

Others might argue that the obligation not to kill persons, although a very very strong obligation, is not an absolute and indefeasible one that can never be overridden.

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