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In business law, this is referred to as piercing your corporate veil. Take a look at our sample go-kart track designs. Firstly, a firm understanding of driver safety, insurance, and premises maintenance is important. Please note that the above projection might be lower and at the same time it might be higher. We can also custom design a track for your specific location. What are the steps to start a go kart business? The pit can hold 16 go-karts. You should also obtain insurance on the track and buildings as well as liability insurance in case anyone gets hurt. What are the costs involved in opening a go kart business?

STEP 8. If a go-kart track is part of a larger complex, it will either be treated as the part complex or as its own entity serving under the complex.

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Social Media Promotions. Concept Track 3 is an outdoor go-cart track design and is the longest design at 1, feet at center-line. This includes site purchase, site design and construction, Go-Karting course design and build, equipment purchase, and working capital.

Special Events: From time to time, a special event may be held.

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STEP 6. A Party Coordinator will ensure that all the children have fun and the event proceeds smoothly.

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One of the greatest resources an entrepreneur can have is quality mentorship. Make sure you have a marketing plan to bring in customers and don't forget about the importance of social media to spread the word. One such event already planned is Christmas in July. Go-karting is incredibly dangerous, and many go-kart businesses must stand strong against legal scrutiny for their sake and for the sake of their customers. Define your brand. Most of the money for this type of marketing will be spend during the early part of the season and taper down over the length of the season. Concept Track 1 is an indoor go-kart track design. Once your go-kart track is sustainable, consider increasing your team to about He has written primarily for the EHow brand of Demand Studios as well as business strategy sites such as Digital Authority. How does a go kart business make money? What are some insider tips for jump starting a go kart business? This event is specifically designed to raise awareness of the facility immediately. Go-kart businesses are far and few between, making them a unique service in the market. We will carefully observe the effectiveness of each program and change or replace as necessary.

After all, we know that if we do our job well, you'll become another satisfied Premier customer who will again call on us whenever a top-quality resource is needed.

The track is feet at center-line and uses a 95 x foot area. What happens during a typical day at a go kart business?

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A Sample Go Kart Business Plan Template