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Cardboard picture frames are practical promotional giveaways. If event guests keep the frame we bet they willthen you've created a marketing tool that lasts—and you've done it for a very affordable price.

If you're ever unsure about whether your image will print clearly, or have questions about how Level will make sure your images look their absolute bestwe're here!

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We even include the nail. Have a specific space to fill?

Custom paper photo frames 5x7

If you're exporting an image from software like Photoshop, you'll also want the DPI dots per inch to be over , and preferably at The more pixels, the larger you'll be able to print the photo and still maintain sharp and clear details. Choose from three canvas stretching options, as well as nearly 70 museum-quality canvas-depth wood frames. Instant branding! Each framed art print comes fully mounted and ready to hang on your wall. Other types of inks, such as solvent dye-based inks, are not archival and should be avoided if you're going for real longevity and depth of color. It will give your work luminosity and a bright, crisp clarity. Just divide the width and height of your file in pixels by your DPI. We understand the excitement involved with capturing the perfect image with your camera or brush. Learn more about Studio Style , and why we call St. Feel free to contact us or check our printing FAQs and how-to articles. My order arrived very quickly in 3 days using standard shipping. Promote your business.

Metallic This paper is also glossy, but with the addition of an eye-catching metallic and slightly pearlescent effect to enhance depth and iridescence. It will give your work luminosity and a bright, crisp clarity.

Image source: Brooke Lark via Unsplash Framing a Photo Online 1 Determining Image Quality For the digital photo you'd like to print and frame, make sure the image file is as high-quality as possible.

paper photo frames

Please allow 4 weeks to process. Lustre Professional Kodak Lustre paper is a classic type of photo paper and has a slightly glossy, reflective finish.

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We hope we've answered all the questions you'll face during the printing and framing process, and that you'll now be able to sail smoothly through. The Ink Archival pigment inks are the go-to for any serious printer including us!

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Cardboard Picture Frames for 4x6, 5x7, 8x10 Photos