Compare and contrast the enlightenment ideas of montesquieu and voltaire

Montesquieu enlightenment

With Voltaire he was for a time friendly, but Voltaire was anti-Romantic. His father abandoned him when he was ten, leaving him with relatives and friends. Though the Enlightenment can be seen as an age against religion in general, it is more against features of religion, such as superstition, enthusiasm, fanaticism and supernaturalism. Following Locke, Voltaire, too, considered man's desire to pursue one's happiness. But he also ridiculed the hauteur of aristocrats, and he thought himself the friend of peasants and serfs. He would take a leading role in the French Revolution from its beginning in , hoping for a rational reconstruction of society. They were all modern thinkers and had the best interests of society in mind. Similarities and differences in the ideas of important enlightenment philosophers John Locke: John is considered the founder of the Enlightenment movement in philosophy. The two men most responsible for the work were the writers Denis Diderot and Jean d'Alembert pronounced zhan dah-lemBEAR , the latter a respected scientist and mathematician. He saw benefit in variety, claiming that if England had but one religion it would still be despotic, that if England had just two faiths those faiths would be at each others throat.

Sloppy People she compares the differences of personalities between Sloppy people and neat people. Human beings were capable of using their senses to observe the universe.

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Jean Jacques Rousseau : Rousseau was a political philosopher that influenced the French Revolution and part of are government to day. He was radical in that he believed in democracy, setting himself apart from Voltaire among others.

Voltaire enlightenment

Voltaire didn't trust emotions the way that Rousseau did, and he criticized Rousseau's admiration for Stone Age tribal society, writing to Rousseau that after reading his work, "one feels like crawling on all fours. Voltaire had also been influenced by Newton and Locke. Now for each point above, explain why this example illustrates these In Suzanne Britt's compare and contrast essay, Neat People vs. Despite the ban on the encyclopedia it was widely read and became an influence through much of Western Europe. In the s in his thirties he appeared in Paris as a writer of poetry, opera and comedy, and there he made friends with a few other writers, including Denis Diderot, a year younger than he, but formally educated. He founded an anti-slavery organization, the Society of the Friends of the Blacks. In arguing against the Great Flood described in the Old Testament, he attempted to explain the presence of sea shells on Mt Cenis in the Alps. His belief in liberty extended to free exchanges in the world of buying and selling, as did a Scottish contemporary, Adam Smith. It helped shaped modern thinking through the many diverse and conflicting ideas of philosophers.

And it included an article by Diderot against slavery and the slave trade. He founded an anti-slavery organization, the Society of the Friends of the Blacks.

Science, he wrote, had ignoble origins.

Compare and contrast the enlightenment ideas of montesquieu and voltaire

One famous influential philosopher was John Locke.

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