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It is achieved by a radical change of the tone of communication provocation.

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Managers explicitly and impliedly makes their intentions known to the resisting parties the consequences of theirs actions which include losing of jobs, firing, transferring or not promoting such employees. Oncu told the Journal that he believes the job shifts will "cut red tape and speed up decision making. The times, 3. Response to question 1: 2. There exists a massive network of people and activities, competing for customers attention and purchases. The self service is a big part of IKEAs service model. The same category of products, for example, sofas, IKEA designs models with different features. Strategic factors analysis summery SFAS 6. Restrictions like tax programmes, fair —trade decision, pricing policies, minimum wage legislations, needs consideration in broader strategy.

As one can see in the development of IKEAs global marketing concepts, marketing strategies must suit the marketing environment and most importantly always center on customers. There was no door delivery service available and the customers were asked to provide for their own transportation.

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This is possible because of their long established production capacity, advancement in science and technology, solid funds and rich management experiences. IKEA has responded to the publics rising concern for sustainability in its choice of product range, suppliers, stores and communication. Its mission statement indicates a cost leadership strategy. Furniture industry trends 2. If so, sorry to hear. Guided by the marketing strategy, the company designs a marketing mix made up of factors under its controlproduct, price, place and promotion the 4Ps. At a high level, IKEA designs distinctive products that are also designed for low-cost manufacturing. This combination indicates a focus strategy. Instead, they'll dedicate more of the floor space to mock ups of living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms showing ideas on how all their furniture can work together. Hence, IKEA handles pricing quite well that its pricing policy emphasizes customer values and integrates with the other 3Ps. IKEAs business actually started from the production concept, which holds that consumers will favor products that are available and highly affordable. IKEA also keeps costs down by packing items compactly in flat standardized package and stacking as much as possible to reduce storage space during and after distribution in the logistics process 3.

Furniture and Home furnish industry is currently saturated which may not permit global new entrants especially in Europe. Because IKEA is such a big company it can buy thousands of pieces of furniture at the same time.

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Restrictions like tax programmes, fair —trade decision, pricing policies, minimum wage legislations, needs consideration in broader strategy. Providing ideas for home furnishing. That idea led IKEA to test flat packing in Any unfavorable actions of the above groups can be major hindrances to change management process in IKEA. They have opportunities in the trends toward streamlined customs, increases in e-commerce, popularity of franchising and the current popularity of minimalist styles. A blend of culture is needed. IKEA advertises itself through its family product, catalogues and the internet, and expanded sales even the period of economic turbulence. Ikea group strong financial growth for fiscal year 5. The Canadian Furniture Industry is the 5th largest exporter of furniture in the world. This effort will have benefited million children by , enabling them to create a better future for themselves and their families. However, multinational companies, such as IKEA, operate in various markets facing customers from different cultural backgrounds. To overcome this problem, IKEA must make better negotiation and agreements by offering incentives and retirement packages to combat such resistance. In the same year, one of IKEAs co- workers decided to remove the legs of a table so that he could fit it in his car and minimize any damage in transit. We would also like to thank the various individuals who have contributed in any way possible; we would also like to thank the various individuals who have contributed in any way possible, thereby allowing us to create as accurate a representation as possible within our given constraints.

The size and scale of its global business 27 No enough distribution channels The problem of product recalls Difficulties to understand different countries attitudes and tastes IKEAs little transparency.

This keeps costs down and helps the company to reach its green targets and have an overall positive impact on the environment 2. The threats come from strong competition from superstores, government regulations and, because of their snail like pace of change, advances in technology and dramatic style changes pose large threats.

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On the basis of the above definition, we can describe the marketing process in detail and divide it into 5 steps. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document.

To keep this position its necessary for IKEA to keep on refreshing and renewing their service model. Customers were given pencils and papers at the store entrance to list down product details like item code and respective aisle number in the stores warehouse.

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Ikea group strong financial growth for fiscal year 5. However, in order to succeed in todays changing marketplace filled with competitors, the company also has to take into consideration the new features of the marketing landscape: advanced technology, globalization and social responsibility. Customers 6 were given tickets for the goods they purchased and were asked to collect the goods at the delivery docks. This corporate culture of IKEA is built upon the philosophy of sustainable development and a continuous strive for improvement in all areas of the value chain which is an effective way to shape the industry to better fit IKEAs future strategies. Economic factors: The fluctuating commodity and raw material prices all over the world result in rising purchasing costs for IKEA. On top of that, in order to maintain low cost, IKEA customers have to assemble the bought products themselves. Because the company is a very high volume retailer, it gets good prices on what it procures. Due to the uniqueness of IKEA's strategic positioning, being the largest competitor in its field, the firm has the advantage of setting the phase of the industry.

IKEA has realized that and taken actions.

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