Apartment rental application cover letter

sample letter to rent a house

I am employed at Your employer and have been working there for XX years. Briefly explain your situation simply, factually, and without self-pity or pointing the blame elsewhere.

Make sure you have all the correct documentation. Put it in your cover letter, put it in your application and discuss it when you view the apartment. I currently live at Your current address and have lived there for XX years.

So what do you have to do to rent an apartment? Death in the family? Many property managers use a form letter or instruction sheet as a transmittal for the rental application. Instead, be upfront and ask about any issues that could be potential stumbling blocks.

Is it located close to work? Use digital to your advantage. So expressing interest in the property and letting them know why you want to live there is important. Real estate agents and property managers often have back-to-back appointments, typically in minute increments, booked throughout the day, racing from one to another.

Working with a financial planner? This information should be one of the first things the applicant reads in the cover letter, and the applicant should read it before beginning to complete the application.

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