An overview of the group interaction patterns in society

The philosopher Gilles Deleuze also noted the emotional or affective nature of power.

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This is not to be confused with medical sociology, which focuses on medical institutions such as hospitals, clinics, and physician offices as well as the interactions among physicians. Rather, it is more like a covert agreement, much like that in a theater performance, to temporarily suspend disbelief.

The back stage is generally out of the public eye, the place where the front stage performance is prepared. The waitress retreats to the kitchen to complain about the customers, the date retreats to the washroom to reassemble crucial make-up or hair details, the lawyer goes to the reference room to look up a matter of law she is not sure about, the neat and proper clerk goes out in the street to have a cigarette, etc.

An overview of the group interaction patterns in society

Key Terms Impression Management: In sociology and social psychology, impression management is a goal-directed conscious or unconscious process in which people attempt to influence the perceptions of other people about a person, object or event; they do so by regulating and controlling information in social interaction. These sociologists study differences and inequalities in social class, race, and gender. Structural functionalist research programs methodically impose pre-existing analytical schemata on their fields of study. Situations are not defined in advance, nor are they defined by the isolated understandings of the individuals involved. Different types of interaction patterns Teacher — Whole Group In this pattern, the teacher interacts with all students at the same time. He implores them to be themselves and not to follow him. Medieval scholars suggest that the culture of the smile was not invented until the middle ages Beard As there were no impediments to the view in front of the simple cottages and no electric lights inside, they were well positioned to see how the neighbour would drop one expression as he or she approached and adopt another as they entered the door. While traditional sociology usually provides descriptions of social settings, which compete with the actual descriptions offered by the individuals who are party to those settings, ethnomethodology seeks to describe the actual procedures that individuals use in their descriptions of those settings. Did the others fail to interpret the intentions correctly? How was your conversation a symbolic interaction? Developed by American sociologist Erving Goffman in his seminal text The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, dramaturgy uses the metaphor of theater to explain human behavior. Much contemporary sociological research and theory bridges these two approaches. The process of communication is the central quality of the human social environment.

As shown in the image below, one of the lines stands still while the other moves. If someone violates a particular rule it does not mean that they are deviant in other respects. There is no individual choice in the matter.

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Reality is constructed by an idea. While on the clock and in front of customers, baristas will typically do what the customer wants and try to look untroubled by obnoxious requests. Currently, while reading this text, you are playing the role of a student. Therefore the logic of social situations, whatever their particular content or participants, dictates that it is in the interest of the performer to control the conduct and responses of the others through various defensive strategies or impression management, while it is in the interest of the audience to accommodate the performance as far as is practicable through various protective practices e. Back Stage: Actions that only occur when the audience is not around. The Romans might have turned their mouths up at the corners but the smile was not a significant gesture in their social interaction. How a culture laughs, when it laughs and at what it laughs also varies through history. The audience of a performance is not passive however. They want to be received well. There are no accounts of smiling in Roman literature. If an individual wishes to convey that she does not agree or identify with social norms, she must use a commonly legible system of symbols in order to communicate that information. Social reality is not predetermined by structures, functions, roles, or history but often draws on these in the same way actors draw on background knowledge and experience in creating a credible character. Demography : Demography refers to a population's composition. Mingling can be as simple as asking students to stand up and talk to different peers. Goffman explains this awareness in terms of front stage and back stage behaviors.

This in itself may be one reflection of the polarities of the society that have influenced the pattern of social research itself. Power for Deleuze is defined as the sense of being able to do something; feeling uninhibited.

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Social interaction depends on communication. As there were no impediments to the view in front of the simple cottages and no electric lights inside, they were well positioned to see how the neighbour would drop one expression as he or she approached and adopt another as they entered the door. Who are we? Demography : Demography refers to a population's composition. The same can be said for dinner in a restaurant, a ball hockey game or a classroom lecture. Sadness is the expression of the experience of feeling disempowered. Provine suggests that this shows that males lead in producing humour while females lead in laughing at humour, but it might also show a pattern of social deference reflecting the unequal social status of men and women. A waitress for example needs to read the situation table by table in walking the tricky line between establishing clear, firm, professional boundaries with the paying clients, who are generally of higher status than her , while also being friendly, courteous and informal so that tips will be forthcoming.

Dramaturgy is a sociological perspective that is a component of symbolic interactionism and is used in sociological analysis of everyday life. She sees this as a character defect. This is in an effort to expose how the observer of an activity constitutes the activity for the purposes of formulating any particular description.

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Patterns of Social Interaction