An analysis of legal procedures over child custody in the united states

Nor would his preference be regarded as being merely of collateral interest.

transferring child custody to another state

The talks would be unhurried, the procedures informal, unencumbered by lawyers haranguing the arbiters with heated, interminable colloquy. The mother is a schoolteacher; the father, a practicing dentist.

In large part, this continues to be the premise, the ideological undercurrent of dissension in custody disputes among the courts of review. Whitman rose from his chair, she wrapped her arms around his legs.

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The boy expressly wanted to stay in the United States with his father. Disregard of the child's preference is not limited to 5-yearolds. Under a social agency, if the wife's illness had been checked, the panelists would have allowed the boys to continue living with her and would have come up with an appropriate directive for that purpose.

How to change jurisdiction for child custody

A striking instance occurred in a Illinois court last year. What if the parties had already been divorced? Since the family lived in a small, tightly knit suburban community, everyone knew of the problem. The staff would consist of qualified representatives from psychiatry and pediatrics as well as psychologists, sociologists, marriage counselors and juvenileguidance advisers as well as teachers and administrative personnel from private and public schools. Herman, Stephen P. Bunim's justification of her misconduct included the fact that she and her husband were estranged and that she and the co-respondent planned to marry when he got his divorce. But, what is of greater relevance, why did the trial judge grant Mrs. Despite the husband's pleas and threats, the wife refused help. Whitman denies it. It is not the province of the court to resolve that dispute.

Whether true or not, the attack on the parent's character is reprehensible from the child's standpoint. The judge, who was still at the bench, apparently had anticipated the child's reaction.

a summary of the current trends in child custody arrangements in the united states
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