A poem about a friend

They can help you to live a much richer life, So your every day living will be less filled with strife. By Karl Fuchs Short friendship poems are in demand, probably because they easily fit in a card or e-mail.

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I feel good just to know you're around. Thanks for being my friend!

Poem about friendship with rhyme

Browse through all friendship poems. I guess what I'm trying to say, friend, Is with all your support and your giving, You brighten each minute I'm with you, And make every day well worth living. You make me smile when I am low You're just a pure delight. What is Christian faith? Maybe it's because they think like us; It might be because they seldom fuss. But only when these three together meet, As they always incline, And make one soul the seat, And favorite retreat, When under kindred shape, like loves and hates And a kindred nature, Proclaim us to be mates, Exposed to equal fates And each may other help, and service do, Drawing Love's bands more tight, Service he ne'er shall rue While one and one make two, And two are one; In such case only doth man fully prove Fully as man can do, What power there is in Love His inmost soul to move Resistlessly. A friend is more like a lighthouse, When your boat has floated astray. We hope you like our friendship poems! Friendship Duet We meet new people every day; Why we like some, who can say? I fain would ask my friend how it can be, But when the time arrives, Then Love is more lovely Than anything to me, For if the truth were known, Love cannot speak, But only thinks and does; Though surely out 'twill leak Without the help of Greek, Or any tongue. This short friendship poem would be "pure delight" for a greeting card. The Power of Friends Everyone knows of the power of friends, The terrific result, when everything blends. We talk a lot about everything; You make my life so bright!

This short friendship poem would be "pure delight" for a greeting card. You keep me snug, safe and warm.

A poem about a friend

Friends give you courage to face problems untold, So the love of a friend can help make you bold. Always keep her safe, secure; Let her path to You be sure.

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By Karl and Joanna Fuchs Friendship poetry can describe why friendship is valuable, as this friend poem does.

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Friendship Poems