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Then, when Enlightenment ideals such as science, nature, and logic took hold of many European societies, men gradually stopped wearing heels. Up until that time, women had been wearing platform shoes, some as high as 60 centimetres, in 16th century Europe. The image of a statue from the Ramappa Temple proves this, showing an Indian woman's foot clad in a raised shoe.

Block or chunky heels are best for heel novices. The researchers were able to estimate that when wearing heels, the estimated fascicle strains were approximately three times higher and the fascicle strain rate was approximately six times higher.

Also, wearing high heels without sufficient space for your toes can increase the chances of developing hammer toes, corns, bunions and arthritis.

Or maybe, you've never worn heels before. If can only find the shoes you really want online. A job interview or a wedding. They can be painful, even for pros.

Two reasons. They put less stress on your calves and the balls of your feet, less awkward weight displacement, and are easier to walk in overall. Opt for leather or suede high heels.

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The researchers were able to conclude that an increase in heel height lead to an increase in pressure beneath each of the Metatarsal bones of the foot.

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