A healthy musculoskeletal system

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There are several ways you can exercise in water. Other elements of the musculoskeletal system Joints: These are where two bones interconnect. Bursae are found throughout the body.

The cartilage and other joint tissue reduce friction occurring between our bones by acting as a cushion to help absorb any impact during movement.

Anatomy of the Musculoskeletal System Bones - There are bones in the adult human body. This process may lead to osteoarthritis. Examples include skipping, running, tennis, dancing, brisk hill walking or simply climbing stairs. This mild loss of muscle strength places increased stress on certain joints such as the knees and may predispose a person to arthritis or falling.

Nerves: Nerves control the contraction of skeletal muscles, interpret sensory information, and coordinate the activities of the body's organ systems.

Being very thin or losing weight quickly can result in a low muscle mass see sarcopenia.

why is calcium important to the musculoskeletal system

Your musculoskeletal system supports you and helps you move. Please consult your healthcare provider for advice about a specific medical condition.

Cartilage: This is a type of connective tissue.

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This can happen when you exercise or lift something that causes a strain. Cells of the synovium produce synovial fluid which nourishes the cartilage and helps to reduce friction during movement.

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Importance of Exercise For Musculoskeletal Conditions