A comparative study of the two television series the waltons and the simpsons

He preaches incomprehensible sermons that put everyone to sleep. His study and living room are full of Simpsons clutter, including a 4ft-tall Homer.

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I like Homer, too. But after watching a whole episode of ea… Share this:. Good always triumphs over evil. How has the children been brought up by their parents?

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These have been billed as highly as appearances by Steve Martin, Jerry Lewis and Robin Williams, and far more highly than those by a host of much smaller acts, including Britain's own League Against Tedium.

Lisa has many good qualities as common sense, ethics and compassion.

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There are students like that. Finally he thought of Simpson, which is a regular American name. And now to the characters. I have improved my English skills for example and the show has also made me more interested of America in general. Professor Stephen Hawking - who has appeared in it - even requested that guests to his millennium New Year party dressed as a character from The Simpsons. And it applies across the generation, equally popular with each major demographic group, aside from pensioners. We're praying for an end to the Depression, too". The writers were the ones who later developed the characters and they decided the destiny of The Simpsons.
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The Waltons and the Simpsons essays